Useful Trick to Share Location Via SMS on Android

Share location sms on android

There are moments when we are in an unfamiliar place or in some big city, we would want our family or friends to know our location. Asking for help from locals can help, but may prove to be hard. But with the help of GPS coordinates, it can get really easy. On this article, we learn a useful trick to share location via SMS on Android.


This is easy to do with an Android. But for this to work, we will be needing a proper and appropriate app.


Step 1:

Go to Google Play Store and search for Android Message Apps. Then download and install it.


Step 2:

Then go to your android’s settings and set the default messaging app as the Android Messages for Android. This allows every function of the App to work perfectly on the Android device.


Step 3:

Once done, open the Android Message App and create a new message. Go ahead and select a contact and write a message and then tap the Plus icon. From there, select the options for locations.


Step 4:

Google Maps GPS will search for your present location so you don’t have to worry about that. Select your present location on the map and accept it for the message. After the approval process, you will receive a location thumbnail.


Then you can share your location from the message by clicking on the arrow button. Now you’re done. This is a useful trick to share location via sms on Android.

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