Top 5 Computer Diagnostic Software for IT Technicians

top 5 computer diagnostic software

Computers are very essential in our daily lives nowadays. Just as they are essential for businesses, they are also necessary to home users. And just as many devices do, computers experience errors every now and then. It’s not always an easy task for technicians to troubleshoot and repair computers. Fortunately, there are a number of computer diagnostic software for IT technicians to help them fix common and rare errors.


Here are the top 5 Computer Diagnostic Software for IT Technicians


1) Process Explorer

a small utility used to find out the files and directory opened by a program. It is very useful for finding information on what file or folder is using a process. It is also useful for tracking DLL version problems or handling leaks. This tool is available on the internet for free.


2) Windows Sysinternals Suite

It is a collection of diagnostic and troubleshooting utilities provided by Microsoft for free. So basically, it includes all needed utilities which can help troubleshoot a PC.


3) System Explorer

An award-winning, free software tool used to get the detailed system information.

It can explore the internal system and processes running on a computer;
get details on tasks, processes services, drivers and opened files;
can also help locate suspicious files;
System resources detailed graphs, and;
WMI browser and more.


4) SIW (System Information for Windows)

SIW technician’s version is a portable utility which can be run from a USB to analyze and gather detailed information of the system. It is a paid utility.
SIW can create a report file in many popular formats such as, HTML, XML, TXT etc. This tool can gather software information such as, product keys, serial numbers, AV Codecs, services, processes etc.. It also has the capability to gather all hardware information and has network configuration and open ports, can also show lost passwords hidden behind asterisks, mac address changer and many other useful tools.



A popular and an award-winning free utility software for hardware monitoring and reporting with detailed analysis. It can also generate reports and log files in XML, CSV and HTML formats. It has a real-time monitoring alert about the system health, customized tables and graphs option.

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