5 Types of Apps Southeast Asians Used the Most in 2019

types of apps in southeast asia

There are over 50,000 new people every day that logged on to the internet between the year 2015 and 2019 in Southeast Asia. Having to raise the total number of users by 100 million to 360 million in 2019. According to a recent study by Google, Temasek and Bain & Co said. 90 percent of the 360 million users use their cell phones to access the internet with mobile apps, according to the study. Here are 5 types of Apps Southeast Asians used the most in 2019:


E-Commerce and Ridehailing Apps

Companies that excelled to the top included Grab, Gojek, Lazada, and among many more. The number of E-commerce users rose from 49 million in 2015, to a stunning 150 million in 2019. While active users of ridehailing apps rose from 8 million in 2015, to 40 million in 2019! These apps have become an integral part of daily life for millions of users in Southeast Asia. Ridehailing apps are more popular in big cities since it can get really costly to own a private car. Users turn to e-commerce apps, such as online shopping platforms to buy expensive and cheap items!

Digital Payment Apps

Most of the fintech platforms today are set towards digital payments. Even though most people would still choose to buy financial products offline, online research for financial services is increasing too. Paying digitally has been convenient to most people. Since It takes away the hassle of showing up at the payment office and waiting in line.

Communication Apps for Work and Play

Users around Southeast Asia continue to trust in Google Docs and sheets to become productive in their work. They use these tools to collaborate efficiently with teammates across the globe. Video apps are used to watch reviews on products and services, as well as for education. Google Translate and the like are critical apps that are used in this area, since it is filled with different languages. This enables them to communicate in real time between users and service providers.

GPS Apps

These are the kind of apps that help users find their way in wherever they may go. It locates places and suggest best routes to take. Waze and Google Maps were among the mostly used apps in this category.


Online media grew by almost four times in the last for years in Southeast Asia. Video and music streaming as well as movies and series are all around entertainment apps now.According to Google Trends, queries for subscription to video streaming brands, such as, Hooq, iFlix, Netflix and Viu, have grown in the last four years for more than five times in Malaysia and even seven times in the Philippines and Singapore, hitting all-time peaks in 2019!


There are many more types of apps that are used in Southeast Asian. But among them, only 5 types of apps Southeast Asian used the most in 2019.

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