Top 11 Tech Support Issues and how to fix them


Top 11 Tech Support Issues at Work and how to fix them


1. Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Blue screens usually happen when you have problems with your computer’s hardware or issues with its hardware driver software. It occurs when Windows ecounters a STOP Error. This failure causes Windows to crash and stop working. Many users don’t actually bother to read what’s on the BSoD, so you’d have to ask them to read. In most cases, to fix this, you just have to reboot your computer.


Common Fixes

To fix the Blue Screen of Death errors in your Windows, you can try:

  • System Restore
  • Install Updates
  • Install the latest drivers
  • Check for hard disk errors
  • Startup Repair


2. Can’t Log-in

One of the most common and easy-to-fix tech support issues. Causes could come from having the “caps lock” key on or misspelling the password/username.


3. Accidentally deleted some files. How to restore?

This can be one of the causes for anxiety and hyperventilation. Ask how it was deleted and explain his or her options. Sometimes people assume that once files go to the Recycle Bin, it’s a lost cause. That’s an easy fix. However, if they’ve emptied their recycle bin or “shift-deleted” files, then things will get complicated.


4. My Computer is Slow

This could go from having multiple windows/applications open at once to picking up malware. For an easy fix, you need to explain that having too many windows will slow things down. But if malware is present, you need to ask the user to explain what happened.


5. My Computer shut down on its own

Their computers might’ve overheated and they may need to clean and clear it of dust regularly.


6. The printer won’t work

Some users might not check to see if it’s even turned on. Other causes could be from their USB port or the printer itself is broken.


7. My Computer is making a grinding noise.

These are always bad news. The most common cause is a failing fan. If the grinding noise is coming from the hard drive, make sure to back up your work because it might fail anytime.You’d probably need to open the case and find out where the noise is coming from. Replacements will be needed.


8. The internet is slow.

Spyware and viruses are two main reasons of slow internet service. Assure them that you need to know exactly what happened so you can fix the issue.


9. The Wireless Network keeps kicking me Off.

This might be because of overloaded routers. But you’ll need your end user to check if the wireless router is securely connected. Instruct the end user through the process of connecting to the router, modem, and the provider’s website.


10. My Computer won’t recognize my USB device

Ask the user to try the device on another USB port. Or try other USB devices if they are recognized, or if their USB device works on another computer before resorting to a more complicated and more in-depth troubleshooting methods.


11. Accidentally closed a document without saving

This can often result to users go into panic mode. However, all your hard work is definitely not lost. If you have Auto-Recover options enabled in Microsoft office, then it’s an easy fix. If not, try searching for Word backup files by clicking “open” – “computer” and then browsing to the folder where the file was last saved. You may also try searching on your computer for temporary files with a .tmp file extension or a ~ prefix.

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